Thursday, May 31, 2012


Funny thing turns out to be, when you start blogging for money, you stop blogging for yourself.

I've spent most of the last year blogging about Recruiting, Public Relations, Bed Bugs, Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality and Lead Poisoning and not at all about knitting!  Who would have thunk it!?

Nor about spirituality (much--every once in a while it creeps into job search but not often), but that is a post in itself.  I will have to sit down and write it.

I'm extremely proud and happy to be paid to be a writer these days, but do find that I have nowhere to write anything personal.  Ahem.

Kids have successfully moved on in school, scouts (Boy), winning awards (Girl) and I am happy to announce that it is--


For them, anyway.  I am trying to wrangle the days so that I can stop working at 4 or so and maybe not work on Sundays every single week.  Give me a couple of weeks. Oh, yeah.  Or a couple more 'cause next week I teach at Vacation Bible School in the mornings and work 1-8.  Yikes!

This is my 9th year, 2 as an actual staff member and last year in a greatly reduced capacity, but I AM BACK, BABY!

The only real difficulty being my struggle these days with the whole idea of "God."  Yeah, well.  I love the kids, I love the games, I love the process, they'll do it all without me if I don't go and if my subconscious is yelling at me about it, I'll tell it to shut up.

A few years ago, the director (now gone) and the Pastor (also now gone) were watching the kids eat snack and the director turned to the Pastor and said, "We are brainwashing them."

So my subconscious isn't the only one.

Knitting wise, it was a big year for baby knits--not for me, though!!  The twins (that's another story, too, probably for spirituality day) and my lovely boss and my sister-in-law and now there are more coming as my nephew's lovely girl is due in September.  Good thing I memorized that pattern!

I'm trying to get through a Chickami before the end of the summer--why do summer knits take FOREVER? The two cotton tops I did last year were like 3 years old by then!  Almost to the straps on this one, though.  A week at the pool and I'll be wearing it. Unless it's too big.

Oh, man, I've got a weight loss post to do, too!

Anyway, if you're reading this, you are stoic and have waited a long time.  I'll make Thursday Personal Blog Day, how about that, and then maybe I'll get here before next year.



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