Sunday, April 19, 2009

It really was a great week!

Good grades, good t-ball, busy but not overwhelmed, started with a bang, ended with actually a bit of relief rather than disappointment.

As I said before, I have now what I consider to be the perfect day job for me. I'm the new Assistant Director of Family Ministry and Webmaster for my church, where I have worked as the Soprano Soloist/Section Leader for 8 years. We are members of this wonderful community and our kids are having great fun growing up there. It is a pleasant campus full of lovely people and my new boss is terrific (and a friend already). Hours are flexible and easily done around school times and such and I can do web work at home (thanks, Mom!). I am extremely happy and thankful to have my new position!

And while I can't knit at work, I have been knitting due to having more time in the evenings that are not taken up with other money-earning endeavors. Yesterday, I completed Round 2 of Sock Madness 3 (from which I was already eliminated): SM3 round 2 done Okay, not the best picture, but I haven't even washed them yet, let alone blocked. And it's WAY too hot to wear them!

Pattern: Tokena
Yarn: Handspun wool/mohair from Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, Flowering Weeds, 3 ply;
Knitpicks Gloss in Black.

I really enjoyed this pattern and would knit it again, although I could use one where I don't have to follow a chart for every row next time, hint, hint! Both patterns so far have not been memorizable. At least for me!

Now I really have to get back to October Frost if I want to put it in the Fair this year. I have 12 weeks and the spinning took 7 so the knitting should be quicker, yes? But only if you work on it, silly. The socks are calling out to me, though. Round 3 comes out tomorrow sometime.

So the not disappointing news is that I did not get a scholarship to the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat in Oregon this fall. This uncomplicates my life significantly (new job and all) and means I'll be home for Halloween, so it's fine. I'm thinking about having a little spinning retreat of my own at my house for friends and students. I have to think it through, but we could work on techniques or try each other's wheels or card or dye or whatever. All fun!

I leave you with a little video from Easter morning. My kids are in the choir.



Blogger Heide said...

The socks are very pretty, they remind me of stained glass. Glad things are settling down a little bit for you. Congratulations again on the job.

6:06 AM  

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