Friday, April 03, 2009

Back after Spring Break!

And it's a good thing we had some rest, I think. Very busy, as usual!

Sock Madness III has been frustrating. I started with handspun, but it turned out to be too thick, knitting a huge sock and destined to run out of yarn. So I ripped it out and after one night of giving up, started again. Here is where I was when they cut off Round 1: SM3 Round 1 at elimination I am totally okay with being eliminated. Now I can adjust the patterns to the yarn, rather than having to knit on no matter what. I do plan on continuing on, unless the pattern really doesn't appeal to me.

But elimination also means that I can spread the crafty time around, such as it is!

Went back to spinning my latest fractal sock yarn: confused singles 1

Spunky Eclectic BFL in Confused. I just had to have this, they are SO my colors! I need to dye some more teal/orange/purple, obviously. I would love a sweater in this colorway someday. Hmmm...

In other realms, my new boss started on Wednesday and everyone was asking me if I was staying. So far, so good. Will find out on Monday for the long term. Prayers or good thoughts my way would be very welcome, as I love the work, love the people and it would be a very fulfilling place to spend my working hours for a good long while.

I would also get to continue on as the Webmaster, which I'm enjoying immensely! It is so fun to be in charge of web content for something. Now if only I could get more of the congregation to check in regularly...

Very busy with Scouts (both), t-ball, dance, choir (adult and children), bells, typing, all fun.

We had a wonderful time with Mom last week and hope that we can make it a regular Spring Break thing! Didn't take a lot of pictures myself, but the kids took a lot and hope Mom will send me some of hers, too. (nudge, nudge)

Holy Week looms for all of us who work in churches, very busy there, too, but all good.



Blogger Heide said...

The colors in your new singles are stunning. How will you ply this? I can't wait to see what it turns out like. Good news about the fair.

4:37 PM  

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