Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's so weird that it's over. But wonderful!

I spent the day making videos for Ground Report and PBS's Video Your Vote project and I still haven't recovered my energy. It was exhausting but amazing. I talked to so many happy people. Every single person was happy, from first time voters to people who first voted for Eisenhower.

I got to be with my friends and family from the first moment out of the house. Great thanks to J and J and J and everyone who talked to me and the kids on our walking bus and Mrs. Stone's 5th grade class and Mrs. Flosi (the principal who didn't freak out). Thanks to all of the poll workers who let us shoot the people in line and our ballots. Thanks to all the poll workers for being poll workers!

Thanks to the folks who gave me a No on 8 lawn sign at the last minute and the 3 year old who gave me a quiet "Gobama!"

Most of all, thank you America. Thank you for seeing that we needed an adult in the White house. For repudiating "conservatism." For showing the talking heads that we're not "center-right." Thank you for loving the whole Obama family while detesting the Palins, grifters that they are. Thank you for voting if you've never done so before. And if you vote every single time.

Now I can honestly say that there is a chance for...peace.

Obama dog sweater on

Ooh, now I can obsess about Cabinet appointments!


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