Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Does it seem like I haven't been knitting?

I have. But I have also been obsessing about politics and political groups on Ravelry and registering to comment on Daily Kos and stuff like that. I actually made a comment on Daily Kos the other day about how I thought the "Administration" had been holding on to this awful "bailout" plan for a while so they could pull it on us and make the election results utterly moot. And then it turns out to be TRUE!!!!

I'd rather be a conspiracy theorist than be right. Really.

Anyway, I have been knitting. And finally spinning a bit. Going back to 10 Minutes a Day since I seem to be having trouble actually sitting down.

I finished the Orange for Obama socks: orange for obama final Love them! Can't wait till it's cold enough to wear them. Or November 4th. But my head might explode before then.

Then I knit an Obama sweater for my dog: Obama dog sweater Mock away! I'm not sensitive! I'm all about the Obama swag, baby! And she needed a sweater anyway. She likes a temperature range of about 75-80 degress fahrenheit, silly pound puppy!

Then, being good and looking at my Ravelry queue, I cast on for Sprout Growing Roots so that the lovely Cotton Rope I bought on sale this summer would not languish forever in the stash. I'm not worried about the wool yarn languishing. I can hardly stand not to start something with it. I'm even knitting it at a larger gauge than the pattern so it's going very quickly and today I will be finished with the yoke, even with work and homework and all. I would put up a progress picture but it doesn't really look like anything squished onto the circular.

My spinning is yarn for a secret project, although the yarn is not a secret: rivendell BFL 1

Next non-political post will be this year's trip to the L.A. County Fair. But don't hold your breath.

Oh, and I love you, Chris Dodd!



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