Friday, November 21, 2008

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Just to remind us all why we're here. Oh, yeah, and the children!

Christmas knitting has commenced now that secret knitting is done. Having knit 2 1/2 pairs of Fetching mitts in the last 2 weeks, I'm on a roll for who knows how many. Gave a pair that came out too small to one of DD's friends yesterday and, surprise surprise, her other friend wants some, too. That's okay.

After looking at fiber for socks forever and not wanting to take so much time, so I don't do anything, I decided to do some low twist singles and get through some stuff quick and dirty. Love it! The thing of it is, I just love looking at low twist singles. They are so basic, so simple, the colors so clear and visceral. Silly, I know, but they make me happy. So I spun about 6 ounces of Superwash Merino the other day: aint no mtn singles for DS's teacher's Fetchings. And then some Wensleydale in Mollusc from Hello Yarn: Wensleydale singles for felted slippers, with something else most likely as there's not really enough here for entire feet.

And here is a progress photo of the (now finished) baby alpaca gloves that went to DD's friend yesterday: jordynn's gloves I wish you could feel how soft they are, wish I had some more of that (in different colors, too mauve for me).

As soon as the secret knitting has reached its recipient, I will request a photo. I forgot to shoot it before I mailed it, can you believe that?

Should have some spinning time this morning. I will be doing more singles for Fetching, this time in blue and red for DD's other friend. Then I need to come up with something Olive Green for DD's teacher. Luckily these gloves only take a day apiece as the list gets longer and longer...



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