Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fridays are supposed to be relaxing. Fix this.

Yesterday was one of those days with too much adrenaline. I ended up feeling wrung out. I should have gotten more done in the end, but no.

News at work, very disconcerting.

Pulled over by a police officer; no ticket, but you know how that feels.

4th Grade play was a great success! Very fun and now it's over, whew! The kids felt the same. Apparently when DD's teacher told me "six vests" my face was priceless. This might have been because she said "all of them" and I thought she meant 30! We ended up making 8 (thanks, J!) and they were very cute, if simple.

Now for the important news that I'm allowed to talk about: I hit the 1000 yard point in my sweater spinning!!!!!

Here's a picture of a previous skein (they all look the same):
skein 3 arty

I have a pound and maybe 3 ounces left to spin and should end up right about at the pattern's 1600 yards. Most people seem to be using more like 1400, so there should also be enough for pockets, which I would really like.

Now today we have Thinking Day with the Girl Scout troop and I REALLY want to bring the wheel and get some more done, since we don't have to run around with the girls any more, they're old enough to run around on their own. But I wouldn't be able to let anyone try it and have you ever tried to say "No, you can't right now" to 200 5-12 year olds? It can be done, but it is VERY tedious. So I think I'll bring a spindle and--are you ready?--the second sleeve to the Must Have Cardigan. Here's the first one: must have 2
The second one will be just like that.

Really, I should work on Bettna but I have to carry so many things around and change yarns so often. It's easier to carry a chart!

I finished DD's blue socks but I don't want to cast on any more yet because Sock Madness 3 is right around the corner. I would either have to finish a pair in the next 3 weeks or just abandon one, and neither appeals.

It would be very nice to have the Must Have done for Camp this year (May 3) and hopefully this week Scoop du Jour will get blocked and buttonbanded. It's been too wet here to expect anything to dry in a reasonable time and next week is a normal week schedule wise (so far--see title). But that sweater is most definitely NOT for camp. The week after, the kids come home early all week for Parent/Teacher conference days.

And finally, yesterday I emailed in my application materials for a scholarship to the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat. Getting this would be a huge deal so wish me luck. I wish the same to all the applicants! And I'll post my essay here later on. DS clamoring for breakfast and I'd better get started.

Have a lovely!



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What happened at work???


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