Friday, February 27, 2009

Full Disclosure--No new pictures (edited)

Still spinning gray yarn. See previous posts.

But I am less than a week from finishing the spinning!!!!

Here is the plan:

Friday: Finish bobbin 3 of second to last skein. Wish I had done this yesterday but there turned out to be zero time to sit, let alone spin anything. Wish I felt like I could ply them without setting overnight, but I don't want to screw anything up at this stage.

Saturday: Ply skein, maybe start last bobbin 1.

Sunday: Last bobbin 1 done.

Monday: Last bobbin 2.

Tuesday: Last bobbin 3. Knit swatch on 9's. I liked the fabric on 8's but it wasn't quite down to 4 spi. I've decided I'm allowed to swatch when all the singles are done, but not before. I can't believe a swatch is a REWARD.

Wednesday: Ply last skein!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Wash. Wind up cakes and take photos (except for wet skein) If I have time to knit after that, I will cast on the back!!!!!

If I have more time on the weekend, I will get ahead of this schedule, but I have to work a lot on a freelance typing job and we're going swimming on Saturday afternoon. Who am I kidding?

All of my application materials for the SOAR Scholarship are in. It's going to be a nervous wait, as this would pretty much be the be all and end all of happiness, a week of spinning, learning about spinning, hanging around with spinners, etc. I know there are a lot of applicants this year, as the economy affects everyone. So I will close with best of luck to all who applied!!



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