Friday, October 16, 2009

Facing Everything Unafraid

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I've talked a lot about fear in this blog so far (I went back and read the old posts before writing this). But mostly in a "Wow, isn't it nice not to feel like that anymore" sort of way.

But we all feel fear sometimes, of course. Recently I had to deal with my fear of confrontation. Oh, stop laughing! There are indeed some kinds of confrontation that I fear!

Lately I've been fearful of the outcome of the Health Care Reform debate in Congress. And fighting my fear. The summer was a real roller-coaster ride: the Public Option is dead, the Public Option is a deal-breaker! Every day, one or the other. But now the closer we come to the end of the debate, the harder it is not to worry about how it will come out, how will people get the heathcare they need, how will we stop the unneccessary deaths that happen every day?

The United Methodist Church's statement on Health Care Reform from The Book of Discipline, 2008:
¶ 162 V) Right to Health Care—Health is a condition of physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. John 10:10b says, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Stewardship of health is the responsibility of each person to whom health has been entrusted.

Creating the personal, environmental, and social conditions in which health can thrive is a joint responsibility—public and private. We encourage individuals to pursue a healthy lifestyle and affirm the importance of preventive health care, health education, environmental and occupational safety, good nutrition, and secure housing in achieving health. Health care is a basic human right.

Providing the care needed to maintain health, prevent disease, and restore health after injury or illness is a responsibility each person owes others and government owes to all, a responsibility government ignores at its peril. In Ezekiel 34:4a, God points out the failures of the leadership of Israel to care for the weak: “You have not strengthened the weak, you have not healed the sick, you have not bound up the injured.” As a result all suffer.

Like police and fire protection, health care is best funded through the government’s ability to tax each person equitably and directly fund the provider entities. Countries facing a public health crisis such as HIV/AIDS must have access to generic medicines and to patented medicines.

We affirm the right of men and women to have access to comprehensive reproductive health/family planning information and services that will serve as a means to prevent unplanned pregnancies, reduce abortions, and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The right to health care includes care for persons with brain diseases, neurological conditions, or physical disabilities, who must be afforded the same access to health care as all other persons in our communities. It is unjust to construct or perpetuate barriers to physical or mental wholeness or full participation in community.

We believe it is a governmental responsibility to provide all citizens with health care.

From The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church - 2008. Copyright 2008 by The United Methodist Publishing House. Used by permission. [Emphasis added]

Now that the end of the process is near, it is important to trust, it is important to pray. It is important to face the future unafraid and know that we are not alone, thanks be to God!

May peace prevail upon the earth.


Blogger Cindy said...

And, no matter what, it can be repaired if it's broken.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Linda Lashbrook said...

Smashing post. Let me tell you, you don't need quotes when you refer to your philosophy. It's real.

6:49 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Wow! Thanks for that!

Unfortunate that if you read back far enough, I accidentally tipped my hand...

7:32 PM  

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