Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm obsessing...

About a silly thing that I can't buy till August. I must seriously stop doing this. It is rampant consumerism and evil. And I keep checking ebay for deals. Stop. It.

Random stuff:

Spinning continues apace. Daughter's teacher's gift is finished and needs a wash, but even the ends are woven in.

I've got my wool for my winter spinning for October Frost, yum! Thanks, Dad!

Tomorrow has only one social event in the evening, lovely!

We've survived Parent/Teacher Conference week. Good grades all around, congratulations, kiddoes!

I appear to also be suffering from a surfeit of exclamation points, woo-hoo!

My cold is going away, albeit slowly. [cough, cough]

I've been working hard but not too crazy. Hoping to make my goal this month.

Looking forward to singing a really nice arrangement of "Lo How a Rose Ere Blooming" in a couple of weeks at church and also doing a radio play of "Little Women" with some friends next week. I lurve me some radio theater!

This is the crazy time of year when I don't get to sit down much, so I may have to curtail my bloggy activities, yikes! I don't know if I can, I am a total addict. Something I have in common with the President-Elect, I guess. Wish I could go to the inauguration, even though I don't like million-people crowds. It would be worth it. I'll probably liveblog it for GroundReport, that will be fun.

Is this random enough? No coherent thought, must go to bed.



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