Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Must.Not.Sit.Down (except to work, ho hum) UPDATED

I've made my lists (which will get longer, no doubt).

I'm down to 1.8 gloves to finish by the 28th. No problem. Good airplane fodder. Can wait.

I've made two types of cookies so far, the only ones with no vanilla. And I'm out of baking soda. Another trip to the grocery store.

I've made my DH one meal to eat while we're gone so far, three more coming and a pie.

Kids have gone caroling twice (me once) with one more to go.

DS is Student of the Month this month, yay L!

But I cannot stop moving. No blog surfing after 8 a.m. without doing something else at the same time. No going out that's not on the list. No days without baking. Or work.

But if I stick to the lists, I'll be okay and not too crazy. I just CANNOT waste any time lollygagging about!

So here's today to keep me on the ball:

Store for: Vanilla, baking soda, chicken breasts, Cool Whip.
Make cranberry breads
Clean up kitchen (before above) and then do it again!
Make sure DS has right clothes clean for Christmas program
Figure out some gifts (just being vague)
Cash for tips for lawn guys in the house

Update: I also got gift bags and wrapping paper and checked over the end of my big garage-purge-of-too-small-clothes project, both of which were on tomorrow's list. Back to work!

I will report back on my progress.

Finished gloves for DD's friend last night, but gifted them without taking a picture, that's how flustered I am this week. But I'll see her again, maybe she'll model for me.

I also have a secret plan to make DD's American Girl doll(s) Santa hats for Christmas. Yeah, I know, presents for dolls. But they're REALLY for the kid, you know? And it will make her happy. I already bought (yeah, I know) a stuffed animal for the one she has now. Sheesh!

Gotta go!



Blogger Heide said...

I feel your pain... seriously, today will be a marathon packing, mailing, cleaning and cleaning session as Christmas is a mere 7 days away. Yikes!

6:19 AM  

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