Sunday, October 17, 2010

Well, blog fans...

I let this get past me for a couple of weeks, eh?

We did not win the screenwriting competition but we are happy (as we can be) with making the Finals this time. We will try again, albeit with a different script I expect. Thanks to all for your good wishes!

We are, however, all healthy and doing well in our various pursuits. DD is working on Honor Roll and only needs to make up a little ground in PE. DS is thriving in his class and worked very hard on his Book Report Diorama with his dad this weekend, yay! Almost done!

Said dad is getting over a cold and today is our wedding anniversary (12) so soon we will manage to go see "The Social Network" but not tonight. I do love me some Aaron Sorkin!

I finished my orange sweater and am knitting on the green laceweight one again, but considering another gift, about a million sweaters that would be quicker and finishing the two in-progress-for-years sweaters that lurk around here. Should have a modeled photo this week but here it is blocking: Garter Yoke blocking

This is DH's favorite so far!

This week: big push to finish Girl scout film editing and get ready for our Halloween Carnival at work and help with 4th Grade Play preparations. Costumes for Halloween are well under way, thank goodness and thanks to friend J who snagged me an "Alice" from work, thanks J!!

Spent some time at a local Mosque this afternoon where both the fellowship and the food were warm and wonderful. Great thanks to the Islamic Center of Glendale for the lovely hospitality!



Blogger Heide said...

Your orange sweater is GORGEOUS! I don't think it will get enough use down there in California though... perhaps you should send it to someone in someplace cold and wet... like Washington. ;) Love that you do the screenplays, frustrated that the judges haven't awarded you the top kudos that you deserve. Cheers!

7:45 AM  

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