Sunday, January 08, 2006

We are back!

Here we are, back again in sunny SoCal! And it is sunny and lovely after all the rain and cold (not too cold, but we've gotten awfully thin blooded). DS wore shorts to school on Friday and I didn't even put on a sweater.

The Christmas gift hats seem to have been a big hit, especially the ear flap hat for the "extreme sports" type nephew. My poor SIL is so overwhelmed by her life she didn't even realize I knit them till I asked her how she liked them. I'm praying she gets some respite soon.

And DD's teacher's hat seems to have gone over well. I won't push the issue as a green and white jester hat with three points and tassels is kind of a thing you love or you hate. Designed by my almost-7 year old to her specifications of color, etc., it was a crapshoot. But fun except for the first one, which was gigantic and felted down to a VERY WIDE, shallow thing. DH claimed it before I tossed it and it was worn by my brave youngest nephew at a varsity hockey game! I almost gave him his Christmas present right there and then just to get that silly hat off his head!

I've been tracking the political scene while I've been away and will be avidly listening to the Alito hearings this week. I'm continually horrified at the antics of our administration (read monarchy) and their ways (corrupt). I find it amusing that they're trying to track down all photos of King George with Jack Abramoff, as if destroying them will prove they never met. I did read a sobering post about how difficult it really will be to take back either house this year so I hope the Dems can really get it together and make sure there's a challenger in every race. That way, when they get sucked up into the corruption inquiries, there is an alternative to the incumbent. May Delay go down in infamy!!

On the knitting front, I made lots of progress on the boring baby sweater while I was away. I have all the pieces and have sewn together one side. Did knit the button bands as well. Now I'm doing the matching socks (should finish tomorrow) and then a hat. I'm not giving this gift until February 12, so all should be well. This week is all about DD's birthday and CLEANING THE HOUSE so that people, actual living, healthy people, can attend the party on Thursday afternoon. Plus I need to work every night if possible. Plus dental appointment, babysitting, an AUDITION (first one in years) and the start of children's choir/dance class on Wednesday afternoon. Oh, yeah, homework, piano practice, girl scouts. Sheesh!

This is a perfect week to practice finding the peace in my daily life. So I will find it. Actually, I'm finding some now. Peace be with you, as well.


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