Monday, September 25, 2006

All spinning, all the time

This week, in an attempt to 1) not be terribly depressed about the state of our nation; 2) not be overwhelmed by other things going on; and 3) to win the Intermediate Class at the L.A. County Fair Spinning Contest, I will be...


I will also be setting myself challenges. Last year's contest challenges were:

Spin a laceweight mohair singles yarn from unprepared locks (they let us card before the timer started)

Spin a sportweight 2-ply from Soysilk top

Spin a worsted weight 2-ply from a carded batt

As you might have noticed, I won the Novice Class last year, so this year I must compete as an Intermediate. Cool! But I must do better.

Last year my practice was all about the time. How long can you spin and still have time to ply and skein before the 10 minutes runs out? (It turned out to be fifteen minutes, but it still worked.) Any guesses? 6.5 minutes. And I had a stopwatch going the whole time. For fifteen minutes, I spun for ten. I will be doing this again this year, but I need new challenges.

So my request is: Please put any spinning challenge that can be completed in 15 minutes in the comments. I will try anything that I have the supplies for. I have raw fleece, top, roving, batts, mohair, angora locks, silk top and hankies, wool, alpaca, mohair locks, cotton top, cotton clouds, cotton balls, blends. Give me a hard one! And I will post the results.

Please help me win the contest!! And if you happen to be a competitor, last year the Intermediate winner and I helped each other and it really worked out well, as you can see. This year she has to compete as an Expert, so we're not really competing against each other.

[I am not a tremendously competitive person in terms of stepping on others. I would rather win something on my own merits and be as helpful as possible. I like to make friends!]

Have a great day and Keep on Spinning!


Blogger joyfossil said...

Carpet lint and daughter brush hair. Hows that for hard?

What about dryer lint!

I don't know anything about this, really so mine are all silly.

I will however be your cheering section! Go Wendy Go! or shall I whisper? Spin Wendy Spin!

Do you have to knit up the stuff you spin? Are you allowed to bring your own spinning wheel? Am I driving? Should I clean my car? Is anyone else coming?

I am looking forward to this - I will be proud of you no matter what! Yay Wendylicious!


8:42 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Okay, perhaps I should limit this further. Nothing disgusting!! (LOL!)

I have a lovely new (to me) car, actually, that is clean and has air conditioning. We can ride in my car, if you like. It's quite comfortable. But everyone has to meet me at church so we can leave as soon as I'm done. And does anyone have a luggage cart or anything like that for the wheel? Yes, we bring our own equipment (more than just the wheel) but they give us a place to put it during the day.

9:00 AM  

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