Saturday, October 28, 2006

A new experiment

So I obsessed yesterday about creating Kureyon-type yarn. I got out the drum carder and made a series of batts and spun them in order.

This is a high contrast (no kidding!) skein of three colors blending into each other. I did one batt of solid, one 2 parts that color, 1 part next color, one 2 parts next color 1 part old color, solid of new color, going around from green to orange to lilac and back to green. I was trying for worsted weight but since it's 176 yards for 2.25 oz, it's more like DK. I really must tape a sample to the wheel!

Anyway, I like this yarn in theory. But I'm not sure a singles yarn will really go over well with judges for a competition. It is, however, quick and dirty! I might go back to my other idea, 3 ply yarns. But that is the next experiment. Wanted to do something more instant gratification! It did get the drum carder out, which I love playing with. Can you tell I spend all year planning my Fair project? At least in my head?

What do you think about for the future of your knitting?

10 days to Karmageddon! Demand a paper ballot!


Blogger joyfossil said...

Interesting... bright, but very interesting! Maybe a nice toddler sweater or a great hat for a nice kid?

I thought you were going for lilacs and cools going to warms? Was this just a try-it?

The future of my knitting? As in what will happen to it when I give it away (supposedly socks will be worn out eventually...) or the future of what I will do with my knitting?

I see fair isle. I see lots of socks.

Oh, and I thought this stuff you made (the yarn) was three ply? It's three threads together... I just don't quite understand yet.


9:03 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I think a hat...

This was just three colors I had in the cupboard for just this kind of experiment, stuff I don't mind screwing up or whatever. I bought a giant load of someone's samples a couple of years ago.

The future of your knitting, like what are your ambitions? What do you think about and plan for in your imagination? What would you be knitting if money/time were no object?

This was a singles yarn experiment which could be done in one day. The three ply experiment will come next week, I hope, as I spin up skinny singles of three colors and do the same progression. I think it will look nicer in more related colors with a bit of contrast rather than such highly contrasting colors all through. The sweater is a primarily violet/red-violet/blue-violet project, with some gold, some green, some copper stripes every once in a while. It's going to come together, but I must buy more wool, bummer!

Oh, I have a present for you.

10:52 PM  
Blogger trek said...

Good luck.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Heide said...

I love the bright colors! My future knitting plans include trying to do some catch up knitting for Christmas presents. The season draws near and my gift basket has been depleted from birthdays, etc. I'm going to lock myself in the bedroom and vote this afternoon. I miss attending the polls in person, but I enjoy the leisure of reading the voter's pamphlet and having internet access available in conjuntion to marking my ballot. I really am not comfortable with the entire concept of electronic voting and I relish marking my choices. Although our last governor's race here in Washington was a total fiasco with ballots being lost, felons voting, dead people voting, etc. At least there was a way to trace down the unethical counting. Without the hard ballots none of these issues would have been made known. I tried spinning with my drop spindle this weekend. It's hard for me to keep it from unwinding. I wish I lived closer to you so you could provide some pointers. Enjoy your Sunday!

9:39 AM  
Blogger joyfossil said...

kindof like scrap paper, I guess.

The immediate future of my knitting is .... dum da dummmmm...
Fibonacci socks! I am making my niece's christmas socks out of two colors of yarn (one purple, the other a variegated teal to blue...). I was intrigued by your Fib. socks so since I was trying my hand at striped socks that were not from self striping yarn, I thought why not try the sequence. I put a picot edge on top and then 5 rows of ribbing and then started my sequence. Not bad. They are not perfect (still learning when to carry the yarn and when to end it (lots of ends... I have been weaving as I go) but they are not horrible either! They are going quickly, as they are for an 8 year old and they are short anklets.

My future projects... I would like to make a pair of fair isle socks, like you did (only probably not handspun, since I don't). At some point, I would like to make a pair of silk socks (you said cost was no object...). Once I perfect sockage, perhaps I will move on to baby sweaters, although, I don't have a baby and I don't know too many anymore... and the make sweaters for preemies doesn't appeal to me that much (my mom does it... I rather give to people I know, generally.) Maybe someday, and I mean wayyyyy down the road, maybe a whole sweater for Sarah or me. A whole Fair Isle sweater. I looooooove fair isle, I always have, since I was a preppy girl in High school.... my favorite sweaters were the two fair isles my cousin Sherrill gave me. One was yellow with a white, blue, black and green yoke and the other was kelly green with a similar yok. Ohhhh... I loved them. They were machine made. The idea that I could make something even similar... wow. But, I bet, down the road, I will be able to.

I'd also like to not get bored with this craft. Since there is so much to learn, I hope I don't.

I wish there was something where you could turn heels more than once a sock. I love turning heels! I feel so smart every time I do it. I also kindof like Kitchenering...

Also, I forsee myself being able to teach someone how to knit.

Explain to me how yarn that has two twists of thread together is still called singles. Now, if you twisted three threads, it would be three ply, no?

I have so much to learn... good thing I have you, the best teacher!

Oh, I already love my present, even tho I haven't gotten it yet... I looooove presents! Thank you!


12:37 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Heide, make sure you have a decent length of yarn between your hand and the spindle when you start a new length. The shorter it is, the shorter the spin before it goes back the other way. Also the thinner you draft, the more twist it can take before reversing. You'll get the hang of it, I'm sure!

Joy, you should go to this link:

Designer is the queen of fair-isle, however has had serious lawsuit problems and most of her old stuff (incredible!) is out of print nowadays and goes for $500 on ebay, I am not exaggerating!

The sock pattern I used is published in Interweave knits so you could make those socks, if you want. No need for handspun, just a lot of colors!

I'm thinking about a fair-isle yoked cardigan and all I really need is 36 hour days. Can I have some? There is just not enough knitting time in a human life, you know?

It's time for you to learn short row heels or some other heels to play with. I have a book (Folk Socks) you can borrow that has lots of different ones. There's also toe-ups, Turkish, sideways, cabled, forever and anon. You'll only get bored if you want to...

1:13 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Oh, I forgot to say, these are singles. The parts that look like two ply are just spun from carded batts that are layers, not mixed together, so the singles look rather like plied yarns.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

Very pretty! Good luck with the contest. :)


11:00 AM  

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