Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tired, but unproductive

What's the deal? Halloween took it out of me or something. Man, I am tired! And not getting much done. House is a mess, laundry unfolded, dishwasher full. But I have new swatches:

This one is the two yarns made from the blue and autumn colorways that didn't go together a couple of weeks ago. Remember I tried plying them together and the blue got totally grayed out? Well, I thought I would try mitred squares and I really like the result.

Next up:

These are yarns that may look familiar, from my Fair socks. Except for the yarn in the valleys, that is 2 ply leftover from the previous year! The contrast yarn is so much duller than the other, though, this one may switch places. Perhaps the dull yarn should be the outlines and the bright peek through. Or my original plan was to use all of the bright colors in turn for the border yarn and different contrast yarns for the middles. More swatches are clearly in the offing! But the mitred socks may very well be the Twisted Knitters project as I can change yarns often and use all the stuff I've been spinning up so far pretty indiscriminately! It might be that the warm color should always be the contrast yarn so that it shows up. But if I end up with a bunch of swatches, who cares! I can always use them for something or other!


FIL sweater is progressing more slowly than I would like (oh, the evil mitred square!). However, if measured flat, it's 18.5 inches long. If measured hanging, it's 20 inches. I'm supposed to knit to 25.5 inches. Do I use the hanging measurement as it more corresponds to the measurement it will be when worn? I think so. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! This is my biggest sweater project EVER and also for someone I really want to please (not to mention DH and family!). Thanks for any advice!!

Spending some time making phone calls for this today and Tuesday. If you're in the US, please be sure to vote. It has never been more important our history to make our voices heard. And if they try to steal it, MARCH!!!

Have a lovely day!


Anonymous Bill Levinson said...

I recommend that you make get-out-the-vote calls on behalf of your local Democratic Party and not is bad news. There is a huge scandal about its Action Forum serving as a platform for racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-Evangelical hate speech. When I say "anti-Semitic," I do not mean criticism of Israel or Zionism but statements about Jews, including a blood libel. When I say "anti-Catholic," I do not mean pro-choice but, for example, calling the Pope a Nazi.

No self-respecting Democrat would associate with if they knew what it was really doing. If you call and say you are with or calling on its behalf, people may slam the phone down in disgust.

9:31 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I appreciate your concern. However, my local Democratic party does not need me, we are totally blue over here, except for the Schwarzenegger problem.

I happen to be a big Al Gore fan right now and Al Gore is making these calls, so I will, too.

What I'm not so sure about is your personal attack on me. Do you know me? Have you been following the blog? If people hang up on me, okay, I can take it. I am not a WATB, like so many of the other side.

Have a lovely day!

10:03 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Just Googled this "scandal" broken by none other than...Sean Hannity.

Oh, my Lord. He hasn't said anything true in YEARS.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Bill Levinson said...


My problem is with, not you or any other grassroots volunteer. Nor do I have a problem with the Democratic Party; I am in fact voting for some Democrats next Tuesday and I wrote letters to the editor to support them. Were it not for, I would probably be voting for more Democrats than Republicans.

Re: "Do you know me? Have you been following the blog?" I am actually following what is doing and that is how I came across your blog. I am doing my best to let MoveOn's prospective volunteers know about this little problem, about which "forgot" to tell any of you.

Sean Hannity is not the one who broke the scandal. I am one of three or four people who found the hate speech on's Action Forum page, along with proof (including MoveOn's own Action Forum FAQ page) that MoveOn knew about it and chose to welcome and tolerate it, contrary to their press release in which they denied knowing about it. The MoveOn press release also lied about removing more than a few pieces of the hate speech. I did call the Hannity show and finally got on for a few seconds, and I think I E-mailed him as well, so perhaps he got his information from me.

I assume that you don't like George Bush either and here is something to think about. If the Democrats had put up a decent human being with a body temperature of roughly 98.6 degrees in 2004, Bush would not be in the White House today. As an example, I have no doubt that "Jew Lieberman" as they called him at's Action Forum would be President Lieberman today had he been the nominee, and Bush would be relaxing at his ranch in Texas.

The Democrats put up's and George Soros' candidate John Kerry instead, so they got four more years of Bush. Kerry is the same one who probably handed the Republicans hundreds of thousands of undecided votes this week with his remarks about our Armed Forces. The branch of the party is bad news, as I told you.

1:59 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I appreciate your coming by and expressing your opinion. Thank goodness we can still do that. If we don't elect some Democrats and Progressives next week, we may be in danger of imprisonment for speaking out the week after.


Demand a paper ballot!

3:27 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

I've already voted via mail in. But I guess I must live in a vacuum because I've not heard of Then again, I rarely turn on my television and my kids are usually listening to kids' music in the car. My husband was a Poli-Sci major in in college and much to his dismay I hate politics. I'm an equal opportunity cynic, I think that all politicians are self-serving. Now I'm curious about and if there is time tonight I'll swing by and check out their site.

Now on to the fun stuff! As far as your knitting question, I'd measure the pieces hanging for this reason. Once the sweater pieces are blocked they always tend to "grow" and be way bigger. I don't know if this is the proper way to knit pieces, but I've had some blocking surprizes in the past. The pattern is looking lovely btw. I've never knitted anything mitered before... that I know of. Maybe I'll look that up instead of the political stuff. What are the multicolored blocks going to be used for?

6:25 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

I'm planning to use the hanging measurement, unless I hear otherwise. This is something swatching just can't tell you, what the weight of the garment will do to it. And it is a wool/acrylic blend so I don't think it will change too terribly much in the wash. Good news is, I have less to knit to finish the back (I am about four days behind where I wanted to be at the moment).

The mitred swatches would theoretically be the beginning of a sock design by Ginger Luters from "Module Magic" but since I don't have a final color scheme, they are just swatches. But could easily become crazy socks someday.

I was thinking of doing a sweater for the Fair next year, but socks are still calling to me. My next thing will be starting an entrelac sock to see if I like THAT one. It's another good way to use lots of colors in not so long lengths.

I am completely besotted with the idea of knitting in modules, as my handspun often comes in just too small an amount for a large garment. Plus I am a color junkie!

7:34 PM  
Blogger margene said...

Very interesting dicussion happening in your comments. You can bet I'll vote!
Think of the colors you're using for the swatches in the form of 'value'...if they were in shades of gray, would they contrast enough. If you put low value colors together they will blend in the eye and the same with high value colors. Mix up the lights and darks for a better show of color.

5:45 AM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Margene, I'm just afraid that one of them will disappear if the values are too different. My idea is that they shift over the project. I still haven't come up with a combination I like, but bought some beautiful rovings this afternoon. Merino/tencel, Merino/silk. Not for sock yarn, I suppose, but ooh, so pretty I might try to reproduce colorways in BFL for socks. Like Fruit Salad.

I'd like to use the tomato soup sort of red yarn for a contrast yarn with something. What color should I try? Don't want to do green.

7:57 PM  

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