Sunday, December 16, 2007

Paging Senator Dodd!

Here's the comment I sent to be read on the Senate floor:

Our country is under assault, not from without, but from within. Our values, our civil rights, our very nature being dismantled piece by piece. We cannot continue down the path of lawlessness any further. To immunize gigantic corporations for illegal activity, activity that no one will even define, which cannot be evaluated, can only lead to further disregard of the law. Our current administration is criminally negligent, crimimally liable, criminally tyrannical. Our Constitution is under seige. As the representatives of the People of the United States of America, you must stand in opposition to these authoritarians. Our nation is not one of nobles and serfs, but of individuals with dreams and ambitions. Individuals who deserve to succeed as their intellects and energies allow. Individuals who elected you to public office. It is time, nay, it is past time for you to stand for US, for the PEOPLE. Not for the corporations, not for the lobbyists, not for campaign donors, but for US. For me. For my children. Do not capitulate to the bullies and leave us to be victimized further.

Thank you, Senator Dodd. I will be watching. The world will be watching.

We're behind you, Senator, you keep talking. And Hillary? Barry? Joe? We're watching you, too. STAND THE F*CK UP!



Blogger loribird said...

Hear, hear! What she said!

6:36 AM  

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