Saturday, November 24, 2007

Finally uploaded some pictures

Some evil, some beautiful, you decide!

First chronologically, a portrait of a father and daughter: father daughter dance 07

They had a great time at our school's Father/Daughter dance.

Next, my boy is Student of the Month for Academics in his First Grade Class: DS nov 07 student of the month

Oops, I didn't realize I needed to do the red-eye thing, so I will update this when said First Grader gets off the computer where this picture resides!

But I am EXTREMELY proud of this! He has really overcome his anxiety about writing from last year and is doing very well.

Finally the fiber content.

The Third Grade class got a spinning demonstration on Wednesday and they all got to spin on my wheel: 3rd grade spinning

They even got to work on "clockwise/counterclockwise." I'm planning to ply this up and make little butterflies for them to take home next week.

I've been knitting on the Illegal Top-down Raglan sweater. My excuse is sometimes I'm too tired to think about cables properly. Really! Last night it took forever to figure out which was the right side (was still in the seed stitch border). Heide wanted a picture so here it is as of this morning: illegal raglan 1

The yoke is handspun singles, the rest is Classic Elite Montera that my mom got me at the yarn store sale last year. I'm hoping to reach 20" of length by the end of the current ball so that I don't have to have 3/4 sleeves, but in our climate, it's no big deal anyway.

Mom, don't look unless you like spoilers!

Arwen has passed the halfway point: arwen left front done

I've started the Right Front, but it's very small and insignificant at the moment. Plus it looks just like the left side, so you've seen it already. I am really enjoying this sweater and would (may) make it again, assuming it is as nice complete as I think it will be. A very satisfying knit so far.

As I said yesterday, we had Thanksgiving on Friday and everything was delicious. And all the dishes are done in anticipation of Eternal Houseguest's return. I think if we move the feast again, I will find somewhere to volunteer on Thursday with the kids. It was nice to have a day off before the cooking and it would be even nicer to feel like we did something for others as well.

DH has been doing some "personal assistant" type work for a friend and I must get started with some projects that have been on the back burner. And I'm doing the spinning demo again on Tuesday for my friend Joy's first grade class. I need to make some lists, baby!

Hope your long weekend is happy and relaxing!



Blogger Heide said...

What a sweet picture of your husband and daughter together. Congratulations to your son, he should be very proud. The spinning... I've seen worse, and hopefully you've instilled a love/interest in the handmade in some of the video game generation. The top-down raglan is lovely. You've long passed me on Arwen. Hopefully mine will be "discovered" again following Christmas. Enjoy your weekend.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Congrats to your son! Your knits are looking lovely too. I really like the raglan. I'm going to do that with some odds and ends of handspun one of these days. Very cool that you are doing spinning demos for young kids too. I bet they are fascinated!

6:28 AM  

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