Thursday, November 08, 2007

Post Halloween Update

I started the week highly motivated. Did a dye run on Monday which got me some nice purple, some nice green and some nice red. Not all in the correct combinations, however. And the green was supposed to be black. And the green that I went for, s**t brown, I kid you not. So I pulled the purple, combined it with the green and ended up with not enough purple and green yarn, but the right colors: franca's purple yarn

So next time, I do the purple again with the "black". But I might do them separately this time, just in case.

Of course my Italian Designer wants tams before Christmas from handspun that I have to dye the fiber for first to match her swatches! LOL!!!! Not going to happen. Arwen trumps all and I want to make either Fetching or Dashing for the teachers for Christmas, too. But I will persevere. You never know!

I also decided to participate in the blanket knitting for Oliver: oliver square

So here is a 4x4 square out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport. I will try to get another one done today, but DD is home sick so I don' t know. The deadline is the end of the month, so I should be able to get some more done here and there.

In other spinning, I decided to go ahead and spin up the other half of Spunky Eclectic's Celebration Shetland: celebration singles 3

Was going for light fingering/laceweight, but seem to be getting sock yarn, as usual. Hoping for enough yardage for a Forest Canopy or something, though.

In other news, no news. Please keep sending good thoughts...


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