Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okay, I want another Spring Break!

I have a pretty quiet weekend coming up, thank goodness. No t-ball, no concerts; just Girl Scouts and church. Next week is h*ll week in a way so I'll be trying to build up my strength! Next week we have: Babysitting Monday; music lessons Tuesday; babysitting, rehearsals, t-ball Wednesday; school volunteering, choir practice Thursday; dress rehearsals Friday; show Saturday; show Sunday; field trip Monday. Oh, and work and homework and practice for said music lessons, blah, blah, blah. Trying to find the fun in all of this is sometimes a challenge but NOT imposssible, I swear.

On the home front, DS is about to lose his other front tooth. His bicycle had to go back for a few days to be fixed as the tire was not installed correctly. Pooh. We did have fun riding to school the other day and will continue our attempts to use less gas.

I've been knitting away on my Sock Madness socks, just 'cause. Round 2 sock toe redo is in progress, Round 4 sock 2 is almost to the heel. I would like to finish it to wear Sunday but we'll see. Very pretty, though: SM 2 round 4 1

They can be dyed after knitting, but I like them white so far.

I should get back to the sweater, I know, but the socks are coming fast and furious now that we're into the later rounds. I'm sure I will get too far behind next week, but I have May and June for the Fair knitting and all the yarns are done.

I must admit, however, to a terrible lust. To start spinning for a sweater from A Fine Fleece. October Frost. It is terrible. I found some oatmeal bluefaced leicester blended with silk today (in Scotland!) that would be SO perfect!!!! The question is whether I can spin 2 pounds of 3 ply but it has to happen someday, right? I figure it will take about five weeks, not too frenzied. Scotland...



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