Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taking a Short Break

From watching Sarah Palin become a pariah, I present you with some scenes from my sock drawer. I hope you enjoy them. I know I do!

The handspun socks:
handspun sock collection 1

These will soon be joined by my socks that are on display at the L.A.
County Fair (Red ribbon) and my Orange for Obama socks, still in progress. Ooh, those are both orange socks. I'm going to have to switch to purple for a while or something.

The entire collection:
sock collection 1

Yes, there are 16 pairs there. With one at the fair, one on the needles and one going to the contest at the fair on Saturday, that leaves me two pairs from three full weeks of handknits. Think we can do it? Yes We Can!

And why does everyone ask me who my socks are being made for? Why, me, of course!

[I don't have pictures of the plethora of socks I have knit for others, including CIC, because I haven't got them in my sock drawer. They do exist, I promise!]

But now that I have come this close to the family tradition of having enough clothes to go three weeks without doing laundry, I must strive and achieve! Of course, I have at least two pairs in progress other than the Orange ones (leftover from Sock Madness II), so I will finish them off. And a pair of gift socks in the spinning now. Too much fun!

I bet Sarah Palin could use some handknit socks to keep her toesies warm during the long Alaskan winters. HAHAHAHA!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous Auntie says:
That is so impressive! The one on the left if the last year's fair socks are so pretty.. actually, both sides of those are my fave's.

Hey, maybe we could make Obama a pair of socks... as somebody who will stand up for our rights... Caribou Barbie doesn't need socks.. let 'er go barefoot.

12:24 AM  

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