Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update and Today UPDATED!

Got almost everything done Tuesday and Wednesday that I was supposed to, plus some stuff done early instead of later.


Drive kids to school (we usually walk, too much time today!)
Get buttons for steeked sweater (I even knit on the bands last night)
More chicken for double batch of Indian food, gladware, batteries
DS's Christmas program at school
Teacher gifts to school
Volunteer time at school
Wrap cranberry breads
Make Cranberry bars (half done)
Kids in shower (TMI)
Doll hat #2 (started)
Choir practice 7-9:30 (that's a killer) but forgot to have a cup of tea before I left, a major problem (yawn)

I've put off some more shopping (easier tomorrow) and selfishly added in the trip for buttons for the newly cardiganized sweater. If there's any light today, I will shoot it, but I'm thrilled with how it came out.

One dolly Santa hat is done, hope another one will be today. Yesterday's knitting time was devoted to the sweater during viewing of "The Dark Knight" which was good and, of course, sad. Ledger would have continued to grow and get better and more interesting.

Tomorrow (because I won't have time to do this again):

Snowball cookies
Student of the month assembly
Stroganoff x2
Shop for foodie gifts, stuff for GS meeting
pay bills (3)
Practice solo for Sunday with duet partner and organist practiced with organist last night at 9:30
Finish cranberry bars
Wrap breads
Teacher gifts to school
Practice offertory with duet partner

Really not so bad!



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