Thursday, February 05, 2009

Slow and Steady

Not much time, although something got cancelled on Saturday so maybe I'll have a bit. Of course, I have to go to a birthday party instead, so maybe not...

Knit on DD's sock last night, just have to ask her how tall she wants it. She usually likes rather short socks, so you never know.

I would like to get back to Tempest, but it's still at the carry-two-books-around and have a lot of brain cells stage, so it hasn't gotten much attention.

And I did start another bobbin of October Frost, but that's boring to look at again.

On Sunday I cheated and carded the next carding exercise but haven't taken pictures yet. And the house is a wreck. I need to get it together. Of course, also this weekend I need to make a Danish cake for Saturday morning and make 2 frilly aprons for the 4th grade musical. And order a deli platter for Tuesday.

So I have no new pictures, not much to show for this week. Sometime I will upload pictures from this weekend's Father/Daughter dance and DD's trip to Solvang and DS's trip to the arboretum and, and, and. My list is crazy, huh?

Today: (Thursdays have no wiggle room any more. Sigh.)

School Volunteering
Choir practice


Make cake
Cut out aprons
BLOCK SCOOP DU JOUR!!! Unless it's raining.
Birthday gifts for 2 parties this weekend.
Get a handle on the house.
Practice for singing event on Sunday
Take DS to doctor (hopefully no big deal)


GS meeting
Birthday party


Musical Open House Fundraiser
Birthday Party

Monday: (no school)
Vests for 4th grade musical?
Pick up food for Valentine Party Tuesday

Sorry, lists make for a boring blog post, but it helps to clear my mind. I'm still having dreams about some mythical Valentine project that I haven't done yet that involves handing out some plethora of something made of wrought iron? Silly subconscious, SHUT UP!



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