Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yeah, well, it's not quite easier yet.

Man, the whole new job thing is kicking my *ss.

And I'm supposed to be typing for a friend's Master's thesis research and I haven't done nearly as much as I wanted to. Nor have I spun anything since last Friday (?).

I did start socks for my daughter and even shot photos of the process so that I could write up my (no different from anyone else's) toe-up sock recipe for handspun. I'm about halfway up the foot, I think, although her feet prove to be larger in real life than they are in my imagination.

But due to circumstances WAY beyond my control, I have had zero free time this week so far. I know, it's only Wednesday, but you should see tomorrow!!

Anyway. Today I should have a couple of hours in the afternoon to spin. And I will freely admit that my work time yesterday was extremely pleasant. Tasks not onerous, Pandora on the computer playing only music I like, free lunch, why complain? And then my friend J met me for a knit while DS was in dance class. All good. Now if I could only throw off that familiar feeling from the days of full time office work of my life being: work-make dinner-fall asleep-work.


Kids to school
1-3 belong to ME!
Kids to choir practice
Homework and art project
Top Chef and knitting

Tomorrow is scary:

Kids to school
Volunteer at school
Dinner for Daddy's birthday
Another rehearsal
Fall over in a heap

Next week is better, I promose. No birthdays! (3 this week)

6 days.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your DH! wow, close to miss M's!

Don't worry, I find that after 2 weeks of work things settle a bit and after 3 it's the new 'normal'. You'll make it.
xo, Joy

10:05 PM  

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