Saturday, February 11, 2006

Finally achieved some lace!

After 5 (yes, 5) cast ons, I finally realized that I couldn't see the double decreases (I had printed it out in draft). That's why it wasn't working. So I printed again and HIGHLIGHTED the double decreases and, voila! I now have three and one half repeats done. If I can do five inches a day, I will finish in time to block and dry before the flame is out! Better go and check how long this baby really is supposed to be (although I want it super long).

Many people would say to me, don't knit lace with vareigated yarn, the lace will be obscured. However, I would say in response, so what? I like vareigated yarn, I never knit scarves anyway, these are colors that I like (or DH will quickly co-opt) and by the time I'm done, lace will be no longer intimidating. It's all good.

Now, to avoid other knitting (this is the real Olympic event for me). I have a terrible case of startitis right now, plus nothing to enter in the fair yet for my handspun. I have to really concentrate on it so that I don't get the "uneven plying" type of remarks from the judges. My spinning is pretty even and most of the time I don't worry about it being perfect. But for the fair...after I won the blue last year...gotta try harder!

Sorry, no pictures. Throwing a baby shower with a friend, for a friend today. No time to shoot or upload, but maybe I can get a shot of her with her lovely handknit baby gift!


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