Friday, May 19, 2006

Crazy Busy

The whole year seems to come to a head right around now. School end of year activities, church show, Brownies, signing up for summer activities, VBS, all at the same time. Thank goodness we only took one dance class this year! Two years ago we had rehearsals AND performances for two dance recitals ON THE SAME DAY. I was not very pleasant to be around that year.

This year we have our church youth show this weekend, twice. Brownies are giving a Mother's Day tea, while weaving our flag and learning to cook in a charcoal fire so that they can go...

Camping for three days the first weekend of June.

Luckily, Memorial Day weekend is slow. Friday and Monday off school for DD, which is nice. We can have some time on our own.

Also luckily, I decided not to knit for teacher gifts this year. I did knit for DD's teacher for Christmas, so I thought she was off the list. And DS has THREE TEACHERS!! I'm going to buy books for both classrooms instead. I love them all, but it really does add to the stress of too many activities all at once.

After camping, we have a houseguest for a week and we will be trying to wangle a trip to Disneyland with him. DD has a dance performance at school. Last week of school stuff, then right into VBS (I teach games). DS has two more weeks of school than DD, which is also nice, but then he has "Promotion" to kindergarten.

I've managed to compartmentalize, after a small nervous breakdown in the winter over too many things going on) and it's really helped. I don't think about the next "group" of things until I'm through the current "group." The current group ends with the church show, I think, as we have a bit of a breather to get ready for camping. Monday will be a downtime day, most likely, and then back to getting ready for 30 SWAPS each, planning menus and shopping, lists, lists, lists.

This is not the most interesting post, but if you have a DH like mine who doesn't really understand how busy a stay-at-home, work-at-home-at-night, Brownie leader, church volunter, mother-of-two-under-eight is and thinks they have too much to do, send 'em right over here. I will field comments!!

Happy knitting and spinning!

Give me Liberty or give me Death! (Hi, NSA.)


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