Thursday, March 30, 2006

I certainly hope all is well

Had a talk with aforesaid friend yesterday and told her the gist of how I was feeling. She was very apologetic and I forgive here. There.

I don't think she will ever really get it and I had already abandoned expectations of that. So it goes. I hope I can forget about the whole thing. No comments here so I don't think anyone on the web has anything to worry about!

I've been SO EXHAUSTED since the play opened, I haven't really done anything knitting/spinning wise. I've been falling asleep at the least opportunity. But I did make it to the second ball of the laceweight mohair shawl, so this should be finished in a day or two. How long should it be? I could make it to eight feet if I use all the yarn (or more!)

I stare impotently at my spinning wheel. I'm spinning up the BFL I dyed for the play as a test run and it's really pretty. I call it Antique Pansies. But the schedules have not permitted any time to sit down and spin. I must just carve the time out.

Next week, I WILL WARP THE LOOM for the Brownies so they can make their flag. And then I never have to do it again, right? I can just tie new warp to the old? It's not that I don't want to, it's just that it took SO LONG the first time and that was SO LONG ago. I can get my teacher to help if I need it, though. She's great. I will post progress photos next week, too, that will be fun.

Happy spinning if you can get to it!


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