Monday, May 15, 2006

Finished the First sock

First sock done, second sock begun. Why am I knitting these? I am supposed to be finishing the baby sweater (80% finished). I can't wear these or Jaywalkers (Bearfoot) till it gets cold (Halloween?). I would like to have my cotton shrug started. I need to spin for the Fair socks. I do need a mindless project for this week, though. Perhaps I should cast on for the shrug, or at least swatch. I have many hours of time this week 1) out of the house; 2) sitting; 3) sort of watching children but not too mind eating; 4) too mind eating for charts or anything like that. Sounds like a shrug sleeve/swatch would be a good idea...

The unfortunate thing about the baby sweater is that it's on neck shaping (need to follow directions) and sewing up (eventually). Too much concentration. And I'm spinning the sock yarn on the wheel, not spindles this year, so not too portable. I guess I get to swatch! Got to get DH to find out REAL wants from DFIL about sweater for the fall. Size, kangaroo pouch yes or no. Then I can decide on pattern and set this project up for after the fair knitting is done.

I also must fit in lengthening DS's Wallaby before winter, as I don't want to make him a new one just yet (busy with FIL sweater, much larger!). I think I can just remove the ribbings, knit down and cast off again.

Anyway, have a happy day and hope along with me that Rove's 24 hours are up tomorrow morning!


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