Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Time Has Come

The Play is finally going to have a preview, WITH AN AUDIENCE, tonight. After much difficulty finding childcare, I am attending the ONLY RUNTHROUGH this afternoon. Pray for them, pray for them all. They have twenty (20!) confirmed critics for Saturday night and they had better not have to stop in the middle to have a chat. Have they had some time management issues? Oh, yes.

The show is really great, if they can pull it off.

I've been knitting on a shawl to wear on Saturday night, but last night found a giant HOLE in the thing about a foot back from where I was. Rip, rip, rip. But it's hard to get yarnovers and such back on the needles, it took a while. Plus, of course, I could not find a tapestry needle for putting in a lifeline to save my life.

What is the deal with tapestry needles, seam rippers and measuring tapes? I think this has been mentioned by Yarn Harlot, but five hundred years from now that's all the evidence of my existence there will be, a huge cache of tapestry needles, seam rippers and measuring tapes. What they will make of that, I can't imagine!

Finished DS's stripey socks, he loves them, but says they are too slippery to wear for running around. They are currently also too big to wear inside shoes. So they are bedsocks, but he loves them, thank goodness!

Aforesaid shawl, back to about 2.5 feet long, going for six or seven. Eek!

Jaywalkers are stalled. Also Duck hat for friend mentioned below. Having trouble getting up the motivation to knit for her AGAIN. My sweater/hat/socks were very well recieved and have been worn and photographed. But if she can't even work up the energy to call me once a week, I'm not jumping her in the queue, if you know what I mean.

I feel terribly behind on plans/spinning/knitting for the County Fair. But I need to remember that I already knit for First Grade Teacher and there are just too many preschool teachers (3!) to make socks for everyone. So I think the gifts will not be knitted this year. That gives me April, May, June for fair stuff and July/August/September for FIL's sweater. He's the only one on the list for Christmas this year, as I've never made a man's sweater before. Everyone in the family will appreciate it, I think, as they all live on a property together.
But I must STOP casting on silly projects and begin to focus on really even yarn for the yarn competition and whatever it is I'm putting in for the knitting. A shawl? I beat a shawl with socks two years ago. But I want something larger scale than socks this year, as I am going for a rosette (got the blue ribbon last year). The Log Cabin shawl is just TOO colorful and TOO simple.

Think, think, think.

Happy knitting and spinning and tell your Senator to VOTE FOR CENSURE!!!!


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