Sunday, May 21, 2006

John Aravosis is a "big...", oh, you know

I want to type it in, I really do. I was an early commenter on AMERICABlog's headline "Pat Roberts is a 'big girl'" because I took offense at girl=coward. Then my comments were deleted along with hundreds of others.

Since then John has told us all to stay away permanently. I think I could probably manage that. But I have been following the thread about the thread elsewhere and I'm such a child! I found myself quoted on another blog and I literally jumped up and down!

Here it is from City Elf (my comment is the last sample):

When a commenter expressed surprise at John's use of the term, his initial response was that this was "gay vernacular." Later, he wrote that those who asked him to reconsider his words were a tiny minority of his readers and essentially nutbars: "There are a very loud minority of folks on the left who won't be happy unless they're frothing at the mouth attacking their own for the stupidest, smallest things while the world falls down around them." This despite the fact that many were probably long-time readers and were mostly polite and reasonable in their comments. Here are a few samples:

I personally found John's use of "girl" much more questionable than Snowjob's use of "tar baby." And believe me I'm no Republican. Let's leave the name calling to the bigots. Please apologize, John, and let's get this over with.

I'm a girl and I'm offended that it would be considered some kind of an insult. A better definition for Pat Roberts would be that he is a big ass. But there's no need to denigrate more than 50% of the country's population to make a point.

Girls are not cowards, John. Girls are fighting in Iraq, John. Girls are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, John. Let's try a little harder, John. We're all on the same team here, I think. Senator Roberts is a big COWARD. I don't want him in my gender or that of my very brave daughter.

That third comment is mine! Yes, I was one of the polite ones, I guess. But I was pretty pedantic, as if explaining to a child. Which is what he was and is being.

The thing that amazes me (and maybe the conspiracy theorists are right and he's really still a Republican) is how much he is acting like Bush. Taking no responsibility, refusing to admit any mistake however small (and it was small before he compounded it by defending himself, "gay vernacular" my ass). Censorship, bullying, FEAR OF CRITICISM, all traits of the administration that we take issue with. Unbelievable.

Big thanks to all who have covered this issue, especially Shakespeare's Sister, Everyday Activist and City Elf who made me feel like my opinion matters after all!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death!


Blogger Subterrarian Home sick blahs said...

Yes, your opinions matter. Good thoughts for your daughter.

7:48 PM  

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