Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well, that's that!

Guess even a little blogger with no visitors can get his goat. He deleted a little bitty comment about how I wasn't going to send him any money if he was going to act like Bush. Now he's off my favorites and good riddance.

Knitting is slow, as I am madly spinning yarns for the Bazaar Socks for the L.A. County Fair. I should take a photo of what I have so far but no time tonight.

I have the gold, very nice, although I thought it would show more variation. Love the color, however. Decided to finish the natural gray from fleece from last year's fair for the neutral color (black is just too much for me in this context) and I need a little more. It is the bounciest yarn I've ever made. Spinning woolen makes a big difference. I have spun more worsted from combed top than woolen from batts before.

I spun up the blue/purple batt from last fall hoping to use it for the light blue but it is neither light enough nor uniform enough (and I don't want total uniformity). But it is lovely and will be well used elsewhere (can you say blue shawl? or pinwheel?)

So I'm going to card some very old pale blue BFL with some blue/white/blue-green BFL left from another roving together and see if I can get a nice blended light blue. I started the dark blue today and I only need a little more (I have 78 yards from an earlier round with this Targhee).

So the colors will eventually be: Gold, Light greenish blue, Dark greenish blue, Red-violet, Red-orange and charcoal grey. I will love them! Will the judges? Who knows! But they did like my gold/green/purple/orange socks of last year...

Happy knitting and spinning!

Give me Liberty or Give me Death! (Hi, again, NSA.)


Blogger Emma said...

Hee hee, not sure what the first paragraph is about, but I like it!

8:16 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

First paragraph is about the whole John Aravosis "Pat Roberts is a big girl" brou-ha-ha. I'm so small and hardly anyone comes here so far, and yet he had to delete my comments (critical) and opinion (negative of HIM) so I'm done with AmericaBlog. I'm an obsessive progressive blog surfer in my other life...

8:52 AM  

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