Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The Gods have smiled on me!!

As you can see the socks have made it home in good time and are being worn as we speak. I think I can wear the bigger one on my bigger foot. They're both about equally too big that way. Of course, the smaller sock fits my bigger foot PERFECTLY, but what can I do? Knit the toe over again, blech.

And for Socktoberfest so far:

Something new and fun, Love Me Tender from Crown Mountain Farms:

I'm thinking about going ahead and using this yarn with the Sloopy yarn for socks for the Twisted Knitters knitalong, but hope to get to dyeing my own by Friday. If I can do that, I will be golden. This roving has orange and turquoise in it that I couldn't see in the photo and I could not be happier! Thanks Teyani and Joy who enabled the purchase!!

I would show you Rogue but it's just a huge swath of Carrot yarn. I have made it to the shoulder shaping. It seems big, but I am going for more oversized and I think I will like it. I could have made a more fitted sweater, but that's not my style right now. I could always do it again later! The cables are lovely though I had to check the tips online for the big closure decreases.

I don't think I'll get any spinning done today as work is hitting a frenzied pace, but should get through the heel of the first sock sometime.

Have a lovely!


Blogger joyfossil said...

They came back!!! Hooray! I am sooo sooo glad. Now, if you are ever in Alaska, you will have warm toes! Oh, I am so glad. I would have been heartbroken for you if they didn't come home! Yay yay.

Am I missing something? What is socktoberfest?

I actually noticed those socks in your bag last night. I looooove, Lurve, luv, the colors. Did you spin that? I should stop buying yarn and just pay you to make doubles of what you spin because that is bee YOU tee FULL!

Is that roving from the same people as my favorite deliciouso orange creamsicle "hang on sloopy" ? Its muy bonito as well!

Where do you get all these things?

Are you going to go from the orange deliciousness to the purple turquoise sweetness? sounds yummy.

I am happily knitting at my lettuced edged 'Birthday Party' socks for my almost 4yo neice. I call them Bday party because the yarn is so colorful and the lettuce so fuffly that it looks like a birthday party. Yay.

Unfortunately this put Jill's xmas sox on hold mid cuff of #2... but I have time. They are lovely but sedate, and I was in a fancy colorful mood.

Exs and Ohs.

knit knit knit.

6:59 PM  
Blogger sopranospinner said...

Hey, I've been wearing them happily all day. Not so terribly too warm after all!

Socktoberfest is a sort of blog-along started by Lolly (of Project Spectrum fame). We're just knitting socks and blogging about them for a month. And there are prizes at the end! Just a community of socknitters. Join up!

Yes, I spun all of the yarns in the current socks. But they will be very fraternal as I'm changing yarns whenever I feel like it. I'm in some sort of purple and green phase (always). The roving is indeed from the same people as the Sloopy yarn, Crown Mountain Farms.

I have at least weighed out your fiber, Joy, so when I finish the stuff I'm working on now, that will be next up. But my skeins of Sloopy should look great with the Love Me Tender in some sort of fair-isle something or other sock...wish I could do it tonight!!

Gotta work. Later!

7:57 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

Those socks are just amazing and I'm glad they made it back to you safely. I can't wait to see the roving all spun up into beautiful yarn.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Love the sockage! :o)

8:58 AM  

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