Thursday, July 05, 2007

A Happy Day (despite it all)

I wore my black armband all day. No one asked me why. Ho hum.

I put a pathetic "Impeach" sign in my front yard. DH put a FAR more wonderful sign up while I was out. Yay!

We went to see "Ratatouille," which was pretty good, although I never quite got over the grossness of rats all over a kitchen. Maybe it's because we had a terrible rat infestation when I was a kid. But the story is good and the animation is, of course, great from Pixar. A bit slow at a couple of places but they can't all be "Toy Story."

Then we moved on to the community pool where we all had to get wet even before eating our lunches, as it was just too hot to be alive. Much fun was had, much jumping and Marco Polo was played. And DS, who is coming into his own, went off the diving board for the first time!!! Keep in mind that he's 5, he's been a slow starter in the swimming department (until this summer) and his cousin Cal is, well, reckless (in a nice way), I think DS is growing into his family heritage.

Then we came home for a rest and to figure out how to see some fireworks even though our town fireworks were cancelled due to fire danger (and rightly so). DH ended up driving to Studio City to get us a good spot where we met him at 8:15. It was (almost) flawless! Great fireworks, great friends, great seats! Wish J had been with us, but they decided to sit in the new convertible instead.

Tonight I have to go back to the library where I had that awful confrontation with DD's classmate's mother last week. Of course, I realized at 6:00 a.m. that my plan to be surrounded by friends might be more difficult, since J is going to Arizona today and Joy's daughter is at resident camp. I might make her come anyway. I need some moral support! But the extreme likelihood is that said mother will not speak to me at all and I can handle myself, so it's not really a problem, just a silly one in my head (as usual).

Hope you had a happy and safe Fourth. Now, on with the hearings!!


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