Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I would say "Mission Accomplished" but that phrase is tainted.

So instead I will only say...

One Skein Wonder shrug designed by Stephanie Japel, Noro Silk Garden Color 244, a bit more than one skein. I needed the second skein for the edges of the sleeves and the ribbing.

Here's a photo after one ball:
I made it exactly to the end of the body knitting. Started Sunday night, 9:30p.m., finished Tuesday morning, 9:30 a.m.
The only thing is, now I want like a hundred of these. I went to my LYS, Unwind, this afternoon already and bought some Blue Sky Cotton and of course they were having a charity sale on some samples of Rio de la Plata so I got some wool for another and some gorgeous sock yarn. Not to mention, I could use loads of my handspun for these and have one to go with every outfit I've ever worn. But the next one goes to DD, who also picked out yarn today. Fuchsia.
The nice thing about this, especially after having knit my green Barbara Walker raglan earlier this year, is I think I know how to do this now. It's really just the beginning of a raglan cardigan, only you stop REALLY early and don't do any sleeves. I figure at this point, I could do one with a lacy back, long sleeves, more of a bolero front, wider ribbing for a shawl collar, whatever, and not even have to swatch! Perhaps the Spunky Eclectic Nightshade will be moved to another project...
Have a lovely!
And special thanks to my Mom, who braved her LYS to get this yarn for me last fall. She's not a knitter, but she ended up purchasing some beautiful yarn, of which this is only a sample. THANKS!!!


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