Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Time enough for...

Dyeing, knitting, thinking, reading, mixing, cooking, napping...

but apparently not blogging. As soon as I get some batteries for the camera!

I am more than half done with the sleeves on the Wallaby already (at 3 spi it's going quickly, yay!

Haven't worked much on the 2nd Bellatrix socks as it's generally too hot to knit. However, it did cool down to tolerable today, hence the sleevage.

Did a dye run of samples for the Kauni spinning and as soon as I have enough energy to sit down and spin them, I will do some sock yarns to play with. The light indigo, orange and red need tweaking. Love the blue, green, gold and violet, though. No pictures (no batteries, remember).

In non-fibery news, friends and I are reconstituting an Andrew Sisters type group for a gig on the 30th and I will be doing a (maybe French art song, maybe Brahms) short recital in January, very exciting and not too stressful that far away.

We had fun camping out in A&M's back yard last weekend, regardless of the mosquito that made it into the tent (and ate the children but not me!). Thanks to our lovely hosts for all the fun and food!

We are gradually getting back into our routine, but I must make the blog part of it. Perhaps Monday, Wednesay, Friday or something. I'm just having so much fun having some time off, I've been taking it rather than filling it up. Hope your September is going well so far!



Blogger Weaver said...

I'm so tired of mosquitoes. The kids are covered with bites.

I just added you to my friends on Ravelry. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier.

8:00 AM  

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