Sunday, August 26, 2007

I know, I know

Still no more vacation pix yet, sorry!

But I had to write about what a lovely time we had yesterday at Will Pillage for Yarn's Spin-In. A great group attended (but more would be even better...). Spindling and wheel spinning were taught, patterns and Ravelry and such were discussed and much peace was had by all. Or at least by me. Let's do it again soon!

One of the girls, K, has received her Kauni yarn and has kindly consented to measure a length of color for me, yay! So I can soon begin the yearlong Kauni spinning/knitting project. I will be attempting to spin my own Effektgarn with Bluefaced Leicester wool and Lanaset dyes.

Here's the plan:

20 ounces of wool, dyed in 8 colors by immersion (much easier than painting that much wool, especially when I want one color at a time most of the time).

I will spin this into fingering weight, Navajo plied yarn. I need to end up with (assuming here) about 35 metres of each color followed by about 6 metres of blended. Anyone want to check my math? If 2 oz (56g) of handspun = approximately 200 metres of fingering weight yarn, then 9g should be about 35 metres. I will have 20 oz of fiber dyed into 8 colors so that's 2.5 (70g) ounces per color. Split each color into 8 strips. That's 8 color repeats all together (which seems to be how the real yarn works, about 4 repeats per huge skein). I will dye extra fiber for sampling, etc., have no fear!

Then spin most of the color into singles that will 3 ply into fingering weight, reserving some for the blended portion. Combination draft that leftover portion with the next color then change to the next color. I will plan to get a full 8 color repeat onto a bobbin. Then I should be able to ply onto my plying bobbin and get a full 2 repeats of 3 ply in one skein.

Any opinions? I will certainly blog the whole process, successful or not, and end up with a sweater that I will wear regardless, since if it doesn't work in the knitting, I can knit something else with it! And I should end up with some nifty sock yarn left over, too!

Project starts (with dye experiments) Monday August 27th (the first day of school). Ooh, that's tomorrow! Stay tuned.


P.S. For anyone reading and who's been here for a while, the teacher placement thing worked out fine. DD is not with bully, DS is not with mean teacher, all is well. Thank you for all the support and good advice!


Blogger Heide said...

Whoo hoo for your good teacher luck! We were not quite so fortunate here and when I requested via the principal to switch teachers it ended in disaster. And the result is that my soon-to-be first grader is in the same class and I've been painted as a maniacal villainous parent. Aaack! Spinning with others sounds like lots of fun. Take care!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Heide said...

So, are you doing the happy dance in light of this morning's resignation announcement?

6:40 AM  
Blogger theresab said...

Just wanted to reintroduce myself! I was the spinner with the Joy at the spin-in. I'm also theresab on Ravelry, I'll look for you there!

5:37 PM  
Blogger Nutella Nutterson said...

Heya! I took the pictures on Sunday, and finally had a free evening to post them for you:

7:45 PM  

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