Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007

Yesterday was kind of mundane (for those of you who get to go shopping a lot, not us) but ended up being exciting (for those of us who never get any weather, not you).

We went to our favorite shopping center, with a J. Jill, and I got some really cute t-shirts in my very favorite colors, thanks, Mom!

Then off to lovely Red Bank where I scored 3 (mismatched but who cares) balls of Touch Me for...$15. Total. 2 balls of gold, 1 of red. I'm thinking a nice One Skein Wonder out of the gold and a sleeping mask for DD out of the red.

We also went to a fair trade import shop and got silly gifts for J and J, a birdbath, new glasses for a party here and earrings for ME!

Then we decided, as we have been trying for years unsuccessfully, to go to a local historic home and have the tour. Which was fine but we couldn't go upstairs, bummer. We saw the inside of an 18th century tavern. Then the rains came...and the hail...and thunder and lightning. DS decided he was "gonna die!!" We all got soaked to the skin. It took the kids a while to calm down and decide we weren't under attack. I of course thought it was fun. I love weather, always have. Growing up in tornado country, I guess.

Got home alive. We had another spate of thunder and rain on the way to dinner and yet another on the way home. Sheesh! But I read that California had one, too, so we didn't miss anything, anyway!

Too lazy to upload photos right this minute so you can imagine the knitting progress, as in not a whole helluva lot. Almost halfway down the second Bellatrix foot. If I get some time today, I should finish it. I've been trying to work while I'm here but my employer's FTP site is all messed up till Monday so work is off, it seems. It was going to take 15 hours to download 12 minutes of tape! And even then it wouldn't do it.

Mom and I have decided that we've had enough museum time and need to figure out how to go see the Harry Potter movie before we run out of days. So probably today will be the Colts Neck Fair and the beach. The weather is absolutely beautiful, breezy and cool and sunny. Feels like September is coming. I feel like buying notebooks and new boxes of crayons. Soon enough!

Have a lovely weekend!



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