Tuesday, August 21, 2007

SCHIP and Compassionate Conservatism

In the interest of transparency, my family is covered under this program. So limiting it or changing it could affect us profoundly. We might have to go out and get minimum wage jobs (and make even less money) to get heath insurance coverage that is worse than what we have now.

Have you ever been in a life situation that made you panic? That made you wake up in the middle of the night, your heart racing and your mind struggling to think of just one more thing to do to fix it? Unable to go back to sleep so you start pacing the house hoping to be able to forget for just a little while? Well, I have. But so far not about health care for my children. Because we have been covered by the state health insurance program in California ever since my first child was born.

When my kids get sick, they can go to the doctor. When my DS needed surgery, he got it at Children's Hospital.

But I have experience with those panic attacks. And if we had no health care, every time they get the sniffles, I would be pacing the floor. How to pay for antibiotics if it's strep. And the trip to the Urgent Care to get the scrip for the antibiotics you can't pay for. I can imagine easily being panicked by the smallest thing. I can feel it now.

A compassionate person would know that anyone with children knows these panics, even with health insurance. We panic about their safety, whether we are messing them up with our attempts at good parenting, whether we are good enough. To add panic about their health care would be unbelievably cruel. Not compassionate. Not at all.


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