Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14, 2007

Well, we had a great day once again! Although kids were disappointed because I wouldn't let them get souvenirs before they saw anything and then the souvenir shop was closed, oh, well.

We drove up to Port Liberte and boarded the ferry to Liberty Island:

It was hot on the upper deck but I convinced them to ride outside anyway.

The ferry stops first at Ellis Island, however, so we decided to go ahead rather than go back later (good choice).

We thought this display was neat. The photos of immigrants turn into an American Flag depending on where you're standing.

We boarded the ferry again to take a short ride to Liberty Island. Couldn't go into the Statue as you have to book ahead for a pass, but next time we will plan more. We did walk all the way around before having to stop for icy drinks. Got a good shot of the Lady. Wish I could say our country were still working the way it should, but maybe someday...

One more trip on the ferry, graced by the DD of Liberty, ice cream cone and all. We had a lovely day, thanks, Mom!!

Tomorrow we will probably stay local as we have more museum and science center plans for later in the week. I will leave you with a nice shot of fireworks from Saturday night.



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