Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Chris Dodd did a great job yesterday!! Cheers for standing up and saying what you believe!! Props also to Kennedy and Feingold among others!!

Dodd says he will filibuster in January, if necessary, and we will be there to support that as well, yay!

Sorry another picture free post, but you know how it is. Teacher knitting is done and washed. Baby gifts, done and washed. Arwen is three inches into the second half of the hood. If I wasn't so distracted and busy with everything else, I would have finished her by now, but as long as she's drying by Friday night (sh*t, it's Tuesday!) I'll be fine. If only I didn't have to try to work this week...oh, well.

Wednesday we've been given box seats for Disney Princesses on Ice, way cool! Should even be able to knit in the box, since it will probably have heat!

Planning to knit some more fingerless gloves while Arwen is drying. Is that wrong? Could work on evil raglan but I won't finish it before I go so why? Also I can steek on mom's sewing machine!

Today: Work, practice Faure songs and rehearse with accompanist, thumbprint cookies, homework, piano, make double dinner (to leave some home for DH), make sure kids have appropriate outfits for Christmas program tomorrow (I'm going on Thursday), loaf of cranberry bread to post office (might wait till the rest of the packages are ready, though). Enough? Oh, yeah! Oh, and knit Arwen!

Hope you're having a fine day and everything is going well! And you are not suffering from EXCESSIVE EXCLAMATION POINTS as I seem to be (resisting).



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