Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is it time to say "No?"

Well, yes, it is.

Political Correctness stops me.

But this is it, I tell you, "finally and forever." No more.

I am in a situation where I cannot decline, but under normal circumstances I most definitely would. I need to suck it up and enjoy it as much as possible. And I will. I've decided to knit whenever I don't have to do something. And believe me, that will be most of the time. And so I will somehow benefit from it, I guess.

But I dearly wish that I could listen to my "say no now" radar and decline to participate at all. Ho hum.

However, the next 10 things anybody asks me to add to my schedule, I say no. Unless I drop something else. I'm going to think of myself as an overscheduled child who will have a meltdown if I do One. More. Thing.


Today is pretty bad.

Tomorrow less so. Next week, I will undercommit in every direction possible, and it won't be too hard since my daughter is away at Science Camp all week so I don't have to do her stuff. I will probably do more work at home. I will relax and carve out some time for myself, regardless of my level of empathy for those around me who have gotten themselves into worse situations than mine. This week, I am in control.

Thank you for listening!

May peace prevail upon the earth!!! And in my office!!!


Blogger Cindy said...

I sympathize, but working in a church office has got to be the world's quickest way to learn to say no......or lose your mind!

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

best laid plans... I hope your week is ok... it already looks pretty busy. xoJ

7:11 PM  

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