Friday, December 18, 2009

Lordy McLorderson, who has time to blog?

Not me! Sorry!

Christmas knitting is done, though, and cookies.

Got a bit stressed this week with all of it AND working this many hours. Realized a bit late in the game that this is the first time I've had to do Christmas AND work this many hours, so duh. When I used to work an office job, I would start baking right after Thanksgiving and just get it all in the freezer little by little. I probably should have done that this year. Next time!

I do have a few pix of Christmas knitting, though, as none of my giftees read here AFAIK:

For my boss/singing partner/co-worker/friend: Angie's Mitts

For my son's 3rd Grade teacher (handspun): Mrs B's gloves

For my daughter's 5th Grade teacher (handspun): Mrs. Stone mitts

For my new Music Director's wife (they don't eat cookies): Burnt Orange 220

You'll just have to believe I knit them, no time to take a picture till later this morning (when there's no time to blog. I will update sometime as I have to take a picture before the gifting (Sunday). Poor thing has shingles!

Will knit another Santa hat for DD's new American Girl (that she's getting for Christmas) but not till after they all leave me for a few days.

Today: Make salad for and attend 5th Grade Pasta party, take 2 girls to swimming birthday party for the afternoon, do laundry for trip and pack.

Tomorrow: Girl Scout meeting, rehearsal, concert and everyone ready to go at 5am Sunday. I'm sure it will work out. Now how to get all that done with out my head exploding!

May peace prevail upon the earth.

Oh, and Joy to the World!


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