Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturday Bullet Point Post

  • Joe Lieberman is all about Joe Lieberman, biggest narcissist EVAR. Never underestimate his ability to think about himself.
  • What is important about the HCR debate is how many people die EVERY DAY in the US due to lack of insurance or underinsurance: 120. 120 people every day in the United States. Anyone who doesn't understand this number is unacceptable is a dick. Full stop.
  • The Fort Hood shootings are a tragic reaction to terrible fear. That guy did not want to be deployed, for whatever reason, and he totally freaked out. It is awful. It is not terrorism or bad Muslims. It is one freaked out guy. Sad, yes. Incredibly sad for the families of the victims. NOT terrorism.
  • Using photographs of Dachau to scare people about HCR is unbelievably inappropriate. When the wingnuts do these things, remember all they have left is fear. And fear makes us make bad decisions. Fight or flight is not an emotionally healthy reaction in a civilized society. Of course, if we don't care about the 120 dead every day, are we civilized? They are trying to make us lose our judgment. Do not let them do this.
  • I have the cutest dog in the world:
Just saying.

May peace prevail upon the earth.


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