Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sleeve Island

Is not as much fun as Bermuda, but not as bad as being on "Survivor."

Of course, I'm running out of yarn as I was too stupid to realize adding a hood would add to the yardage. Duh.

I'm trying to keep sleeving until I run out (and the other 2 balls get here) before running screaming to the sock yarn. If only I had more time to knit! Or more energy, more to the point.

Car has come back yet again from the shop without being fixed. My (lovely) mechanic can't figure it out and wants it to go to the dealer. Having finally realized that the reason for all the stress in my subconscious is the fact that I cannot go where I want when I want, I really want my car back. Why is it that the car only acts up for me?!?! Who says the dealer will be able to get it to do the coughing?

Anyway, I wanted to blog even though I don't have pix of the DS sweater, so here I am.

Sorry, Mainers! Sorry, about NJ, Mom! Go Owens!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are a car jinx. Doesn't make me love you any less but it makes me want to make you ride in a sidecar or trailer or something so your evil magnetic force doesn't mess with my car... and of course I am kidding totally. I will take you anywhere you want to go, anytime, day or night.

Now you can finishe the sleeves because the yummy yarn fairy brought the yarn! yayayayayayay!
J. aka anonymous

6:19 PM  

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