Tuesday, February 02, 2010

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Due to the work stuff giving me panic attacks.

Anyway, finished a pair of socks last week (thanks, play rehearsals for something) and have reached sleeve island on the green sweater. I REALLY want to finish this before the Ravelympics craziness begins.

Speaking of Ravelympics, though, I will be trying to complete two projects this time, one spinning and one knitting (one for home, one for out).

I will be spinning 4 different colorways together for a Snowbird sweater: swatch corrected This is a sort of color corrected picture of the swatch. This yarn might photograph better in a light box but I still haven't built one, ho hum

I will also be knitting socks in the Firefly colorway out of handspun BFL: firefly closeup

I'm competing for a few teams: Team Big Damn Heroes (Firefly fans), Team Madness (Sock Madness people), Spinning Knitters and (the one my kids get a kick out of) Team Monkey Farts (Spunky Eclectic fans). We don't even let the kids say "fart" in company so they think this is way breaking the rules!

In fun work news, I'm spending a lot of time pumping up the website--I put the very first digital audio file of a sermon up last night (it took me 4 hours to figure it out) and will be adding a Youth Chat Room and Discussion Forums by the end of the week. Maybe they can hash things out digitally! Will give them a place to vent, anyway, I suppose, except that the people who want to vent aren't online....and don't get it AT ALL.

May peace prevail upon the earth (and at my church).


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