Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring is here once again!

And with it, Sock Madness 4! Crazy to do it again, but I have made Round 3, so here we are. I'm not trying to make it anywhere in particular, but am enjoying the process so far and am eager for the next round to begin.

Round 3 will be knit with some lovely souvenir yarn I got from my Stepdad in Vermont, Green Mountain Spinnery Sock Art: blue yarn closeup
And an artsy picture to go with (just learned to change depth of field on the computer).

In the meantime, I am knitting a Garter Yoke Cardigan from some handspun (the yoke) and some commercial yarn (Araucania Nature Wool): Garter Yoke after 1 ball of solid So far, so good, but will go to sleep for a while during the next Round of SM.

In non fibery news, kids are doing well. DS playing baseball, DD doing very well academically. DS was Student of the Month for Academics last month, even! Work is VERY busy but we survived Easter happily (nice change from past years with creepy boss).

Upcoming: Spring Concert (great solos!), Spring Recital, preparation and carrying out of Vacation Bible School, Girl Scout Camp and then I start a 2-month furlough from work, which though financially nervous-making, will be very relaxing I expect.

Off to get our lottery number for swim lessons!

May peace prevail upon the earth.


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