Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well, that was disappointing

What I needed the President to day was HOW we are going to transition from fossil fuels.

What he is going to do and when (like tomorrow) to get us into renewables.

How this crisis will FINALLY end our national addiction to petroleum.

HOW he will stimulate the research and development into wind and solar power for ORDINARY PEOPLE so that we are all participating in stopping climate change.

I have been feeling sick and powerless and that this oil volcano is sucking the life out of our country every bit as palpably as the torturers and the illegal wiretappers sucked the integrity out of it during the Bush/Cheney regime. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

Why have we elected Democrats if they cannot just stand the f*ck up and take care of the general welfare??!?

Political will? Conventional wisdom? I don't care any more. I need someone to stand up and do what needs to be done, regardless of polling, regardless of re-elections, regardless of anything except what is right.

This speech did nothing to staunch the flow of hope from my spirit nor the flow of oil from that hole in the sea floor.

I get that he can't stop the oil himself by force of will. But he could certainly put billions behind solar power, billions into electric cars, billions into wind farms, billions into the jobs those industries would create. Put the billions out there, Mr. President. Let the deficit hawks screech, let them. There is right and there is wrong and there is way too much wrong in this.

Get the respirators on the workers, get the oil out of the water, get the billions from BP and get them soon.

There is right and there is wrong. You can do a lot if you do not let FEAR make decisions for you. I do not believe you are a fearful person. But I have seen you succumb to the lure of bipartisanship, the lure of compromise, the lure of being liked. It is already too late for that. Your legacy is about to be the death of the Gulf Coast. It's not your fault, but it will be on your watch.

I've read too much science fiction not to understand how people will talk about this apocalypse. The Death of the Gulf Coast. It's not your Katrina. It's not your anything but it is OUR Chernobyl. It is OUR Bhopal. We already lost a city, must we lose more and more? Shit, every time I start my car, I'm contributing to this. It makes me sick.

Progressives believe that our politicians think more about our country than themselves, more about the common good than about the good of the rich and powerful. Prove it. Prove it now.

That speech proved nothing.



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