Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is what it is.

I know, you hate that.


But it IS.

What is worse than someone doing something to you that you do that irritates people?

I keep having to explain why someone's behavior toward me is so awful and thoughtless--in a way that I am sometimes awful and thoughtless myself. Sheesh.

Heads up.

It's so easy to forget that something you've done that doesn't affect you any more is still affecting someone else. Or hasn't yet started to affect them but soon will. And they remember it.

Or rather I should say I remember it.

Your agenda is not my agenda. You won, I get it. Doesn't make me want to suck up to you, though. Doesn't make me think your jokes are funny. Doesn't make me want to shut up about it. Doesn't make me give you any leeway.

One does learn in show business, or one should, that when you get the big part, when you get to do the most fun stuff, you need to be nicer to everyone else. You need to bake cookies and host the party and make sure everyone got a good luck rose, you know?

If you're in charge and someone gets hurt and you didn't stop it or stand up for them, be nice to them for a while. Be extra nice. Noblesse oblige, buddy. Just saying.

Putting it aside, knitting a hat for a friend. Trying to remember I forget sometimes, too, to be extra nice when I win.

Be nice to your underlings. It pays off.



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