Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Still Branching

Well, my Olympics is going better than Bode Miller's at any rate! I've got about 3 feet (25 repeats out of 36) on my scarf so what did I do? No knitting at all yesterday. Well, no knitting on that. Oops! I needed something brainless so I worked on the Jaywalker socks (shameful!). My problem is if I'm talking or anything, whatever knitting I do on the lace has to be tinked later. Waste of time! Twice!! Today I should have a couple of hours to work on the scarf, though, so I might be five repeats short of finished by bedtime, I can't believe it.

Yesterday I went to DH's rehearsal to teach a very willing student, G, to spin during their lunch break. She's a natural! Now I have to dye some pencil roving in colors that the director liked (no blue). And all G has to do is practice. Very nice, very satisfying. And it was especially nice to get to hang out with them a bit. I'm an actress/singer, too, just not in this show so it's easy to feel out of the loop. But as I was getting ready for the audition (and, mind you, this show is emphatically NOT the kind of show that needs my very particular kind of singing), my 7-year-old threw up. So that was a sign that I did not need to spend the day over there, even though it would have been fun. Then I saw the schedule. If DH and I were both in the show, it would have been 1) a logistical nightmare; 2) traumatizing for my children (not to see hide nor hair of a parent from morning till, well morning); and 3) cause everything I normally do to not get done for three months. Too much! So I'm glad I'm not in it, just happy to be a little bit of help now and then (and provide home baked cookies).

Update: I did get a couple of repeats done, then realized I had made a mistake and they both went away. Still hovering at 25. Maybe during "Project Runway" this evening...

On to Thinking Day!


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