Sunday, March 12, 2006

I had to recover from the Olympics

I've been away from the blog since the medal ceremony, yes. I went into a bit of a decline, perhaps. But I also had to do some dyeing test runs and a real run of wool for DH's show, so that the wool being spun on stage goes with the set and costume design colors. That was fun!

Now why have I gotten into an obsession with the color (drum roll, please) yellow-orange? Kind of a luminous orangey yellow of a t-shirt that my mom bought me on Cape Cod. Is Knitpicks Shine in Apricot the right color? I must order some and see. Can I dye this color? Dye experiments are in my future, but, of course, it's a weird schedule at school this week, drop off at 8:30, drop off younger one at 12:15, pick up older one at 1:13, pick up younger one at 3:15. Does it sound to you like I will have a lot of time to myself? Me neither.

I have been knitting:

Jaywalkers for me in Mountain Colors Bearfoot, halfway to the toe of first sock.
Third try at "stripey" socks for DS (4 1/2), finished first sock this morning before church.
Still at the same point on Cul de Sac (not enough brain). But soon...before it gets warm.

Starting this week: Oh, please, please, can I spin? Please?
A friend at church wants me to knit up a duck hat for our friend's new baby. I don't have any proper yellow. Shall I purchase? Shall I spin? Shall I dye? I want this to go fast. Hm. I have some yellow wool-ease...what about the bill?

This week I WILL finish the stripey socks. I hope by Tuesday evening. It's cold (for SoCal) and DS likes warm socks for bed.

I'll try for some pictures of WIP, too. None today. Too tired from Girl Scout Cookie boothing, Scout Sunday, too much work, not enough fun. We haven't even watched Survivor from this week yet, heavens!

Have fun!


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